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Wedding Fireworks & Special Effects

Blaso Pyrotechnics produce unique and innovative fireworks, pyrotechnics and special effects that can be used indoors and outdoors to add the WOW factor to your special day! We work in a professional and safe environment which is reflected though our work, customer satisfaction and ability to deliver results beyond expectations! 


The sky really is the limit with Blaso Pyrotechnics! There is simply no better way to celebrate your special day than with one of our high impact wedding fireworks displays.

We pride ourselves on producing high impact, exceptionally high content, custom designed fireworks displays with a commitment to bring the very finest of pyrotechnic artistry and professionalism to your event. You can be assured that your wedding firework display will be managed and presented to the highest standard. 

Each display we do requires a unique focus on safety, creativity and show design. There are many variables that can determine the overall display however we provide a total turnkey production.

The most important aspect of presenting a wedding fireworks display is the venue and location. We require a clear area of at least a 60 metre radius - perfectly suited for beach locations, piers, wineries, vineyards or venues on larger properties.  Planning for each fireworks show starts with collaboration between you and one of our professional fireworks producers. We identify the constraints of your locations and we work together to develop a show that will both be spectacular and safe.

For public locations such as beach or park weddings this will involve local council approval. The good news is Blaso Pyrotechnics takes care of everything, allowing you to focus on all of the other aspects of your wedding.  

For locations or venues in built-up areas with close by neighbours, livestock or noise restrictions we also have the ability to present low noise fireworks displays that have all the impact, wow factor and excitement of their louder counterparts just quieter.


Blaso Pyrotechnics Firework Displays are custom designed and choreographed using advanced technology in design and firing that guarantees precise choreography and timings.  Fireworks are set off beautifully with music. Your choice of music is just as important as our choice of fireworks. Choosing an obscure piece of music that’s hard to recognize will detract from the display. The best solution is to choose a very well-known piece, or a personal favourite that the majority of your guests will be familiar with. You can even give the display a theme or set it to a popular movie soundtrack. 

There is a special art to designing and firing choreographed firework. The secret is not just in selecting fireworks which reflect the pace and intensity of the music exactly, it’s also in the timing to peaks and moods throughout the soundtrack. 

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the incredible fireworks at our wedding! We sure had our challenges but you pushed through and made it happen and they were even better than we could of ever imagined! We cannot thank you enough!"

Rach & Jeremy Blode

Blaso Pyrotechnics is a Melbourne, Australia based Wedding Fireworks, Pyrotechnics and Special Effects Company servicing all across Australia..  Outdoor Fireworks, Indoor Fireworks and Special Effects.

All photographs  and videos used on our website are from weddings, events and displays presented and managed by Blaso Pyrotechnics or using our product and equipment.